About Michelle

#1 Best Selling Author, "Influential Women"

Who is Michelle? 

Michelle Kim is a TEDx speaker, Amazon best-selling author and personal development coach. She attended 13 schools in 5 countries before she turned 18. The constant changes took emotional turmoil in her mind as the unresolved grief weighed her down. After years of struggles, Michelle lifted herself from the weight of emotional baggage, overcame her own self-limiting beliefs and self-esteem issues that weren't serving her. She employed new patterns of thinking, developed healthier habits, established stronger foundation of self-esteem all while letting go of negative emotions. She rose to speak, write, facilitate, and coach others to help them achieve optimal performance and emotional wellness to live freer and fulfilling lives.  

Michelle is on a mission to help you let go of clutters from your mind and heart so that you can live a freer, happier life.

Her vision is  "Every person regularly takes care of their emotions"

She developed the Rockpack program to help audience identify and clear the clutter, the “rocks,” from their backpacks of mind so they can live healthy and whole. Clearing out the rocks make room for better self regulation, increase creativity and productivity so you can achieve holistic improvements in the quality of life. 

Michelle speaks Korean, Japanese and English on a professional level. Book Michelle for your next engagement, workshop, and as your coach. 

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