have confidence in a changing environment

Michelle attended 13 schools in not just 1 country but in 5 countries in 3 continents before turning 16. Drawing from her own experience of constant changes and cultural flexibility, Michelle speaks on how to have confidence in a changing environment. From how to create a life of fulfillment using her signature Rockpack TM to how to create a culture of success, Michelle delivers unforgettable story-telling to inspire audience to actions.

Keynote Topics Include

RockpackTM: Let Go of Your Rocks 

In this signature presentation, Michelle talks about your “rocks,” an analogy to clutter in your mind so you can live a fulfilling life. Everyone deserves to move past the clutters that are holding them back so they can show up to be the very best version of themselves.

How to Create a Business Culture of Success

Learn what drives success of many business organizations. The answer lies in their culture.

The culture you create for your business beats the willpower. Let the culture set the stage for your business success.

Surviving Change

Learn the key elements required to be successful in a changing environment. Are you going through a major life change? Are you in the process of constant changes and feel chaotic? Learn the tools necessary to not only survive but thrive.

Other Popular Topics:

Michelle is passionate about self-development and bringing changes from within.  Her topics are not limited to this area. She has delivered  on demand topics including: 

-Leading Club to Success
-How to Become a Published Author

*Michelle can deliver these speeches in English, Korean and Japanese.

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